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Gift, Wholesale, Craft Supplies,Made in America, Affordable    
Ewesful™ Pincushions

The Start Of It All

The Original Ewesful™ Pincushion with a soft spot for darners. Holds a quilt’s worth of pins & darners or seam rippers in the soft spot. A layer of raw fleece adds just the right touch of lanolin so that pins & needles glide. Stays dry in humid weather. Assorted size/color. Let us choose.

The Original Ewesful™ Pincushion


Magnetic Ewesful™

Holds the list to the refrigerator and also holds pins, needles, even push pins and the odd earring! Spruces up that boring refrigerator and will hold to steel sewing machine beds, even file cabinets! Looks like ORIGINAL EWESFUL™

Magnetic Ewesful™ $7.75



The Ewesful™ Too!

The Ewesful™, Too! Fits in the palm of the hand, like a colorful, river-smoothed stone. Dense felt, 1" thick, 2"–21/2" in diameter. Marbled in clear bright colors. Quilting pins go in around the edge; silk pins go in any which way they can. Can be velcroed to the sewing machine Assorted size/color. Let us choose.

The Ewesful™ Too! $7.75


NEW! The VERY Ewesful,Too!

By demand, a larger Ewesful, Too! Twice the size of the smallest Ewesful,Too! and half again as large as the largest Ewesful,Too! Holds loads of pins! Looks wonderful and can be Velcroed to the sewing machine Assorted Colors. Let us choose.

The VERY Ewesful Too! $9.75

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